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At graduation, our Pre-K teachers would like children to be able to:

General Attitudes/Behaviors:
1.  Be able to separate from parents in a reasonable manner.
2.  Attend for 10 minutes at a child selected task.
3.  Follow simple directions (1 or 2 steps).
4.  Have had experiences sharing and interacting with other children.
5.  Ability to verbalize needs.
6.  Positive attitude towards books and reading.
7.  Positive attitude towards writing.

1.  Have book handling experience and be able to hold book in proper reading position.
2.  Participate in conversations/discussion of books.
3.  Go to kindergarten with a rich background of literature, nursery rhymes, poetry, songs, and drama.
4.  Recognize first name and last name.
5.  Sit quietly for 5-10 minutes to listen to a story.
6.  Know that a group of letters make up a word.

1.  Have frequent experiences with scissors, crayons, markers, pencils, chalk, paper, etc.
2.  Write their own name.
3.  Draw a simple illustration and be able to describe it.
4.  Write name using a left to right progression.

Language Skills
1.  Can say whole name, parents name, and address.
2.  Can speak in complete sentences of 5 or more words.
3.  Can name common objects and body parts.
4.  Understand spatial concepts; on, over, under, in, out, up, down, etc.
5.  Tell real-life and fantasy stories.

Listening Skills
1.  Can listen to entire story.
2.  Can repeat a 3 digit sequence; i.e., 4-5-6, 8-4-1.
3.  Can follow a two command direction; touch your toes and turn around.

Fine Motor Skills
1.  Cuts with scissors.
2.  Uses paint and glue correctly.
3.  Holds crayon or pencil correctly.
4.  Has had experience coloring.
5.  Can draw a recognizable person.

Gross Motor Skills
1.  Can catch and throw a ball.
2.  Can walk on a line.
3.  Can balance on one foot for 10 seconds.
4.  Jumps in place.
5.  Hops 5 feet on each foot.

Visual Skills
1.  Can name 8 colors.
2.  Can recognize 4 basic shapes; circle, triangle, rectangle, square.
3.  Can identify same or different objects by size, shape, and/or color.
4.  Can put together an 8 to 10 piece puzzle.

Math Readiness Skills
1.  Can count orally to ten.
2.  Count from 1-10 using manipulative and demonstrating the concept of one-to-one ratio.
3.  Traces numerals from 1-10 using various mediums (shaving cream, sand, finger paints, crayons, etc.).
4.  Knows meaning of first and last.
5.  Arranges up to 4 objects in order from smallest to largest.
6.  Match, name, and repeat patterns using objects (e.g., a pattern of red-blue-red-blue).
7.  Uses size words when talking about objects (e.g., small, large, many, few, big, little).

Science Readiness Skills
1.  Describe what happens to ice when it melts.
2.  Observe and describe the characteristics of a solid (e.g., ice, rock, Popsicle).
3.  Identify plants as living things and rocks as non-living things.
4.  Aware that the earth is composed of land, air and water.
5.  Identify that plants need the energy from the sun to grow.

Reading Readiness Skills
1.  Can say alphabet.
2.  Knows the difference between a letter and a number.
3.  Knows the letters in their name.
4.  Know the sounds that at least some of the letters make.

Social and Self Help Skills
1.   Respects authority.
2.   Take turns in social situations (e.g., waiting your turn to talk).
3.   Uses “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.”
4.   Does not interrupt.
5.   Capable of interacting with other children.
6.    Is able to finish a task.
7.    Is able to use words to solve a conflict and not the body.
8.    Knows how to line up properly.
9.    Knows the difference between an inside and an outside voice.
10.  Compare daytime with nighttime.
11.  Identify school days and non-school days.
12.  Look at a picture of a person at work and tell something about the type of work done.Our goal is to have a well-rounded program that meets the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each child.The following are skills that can be reinforced at home or through preschool experiences:

Run                                  Jump
Walk a straight line             Hop
Throw a ball                      Clap Hands
Build with blocks                Complete simple puzzles
Opportunity to use scissors

            Follow simple directions
            Pay attention
            Repeat a sequence of sounds
            Recognize common sounds in environment (ex. Door bell)
            Repeat a sequence of oral directions

            Wash and dry hands
            Cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing
            Wipe their nose
            Administer to their own needs in the bathroom
            Button and zip clothing
            Put on and take off their own jacket

            Express self verbally
            Identifies other children by name
            Can be away from parents for 2 to 3 hours and separates easily
            Takes care of own belongings and helps put toys away
            Joins in family conversation
            Gets along with other children
            Recognizes authority           
            Shares with others


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